class LuckyRouter::Matcher(T)


Add routes and match routes

'T' is the type of the 'payload'. The 'payload' is what will be returned if the route matches.


# 'T' will be 'Symbol'
router = LuckyRouter::Matcher(Symbol).new

# Tell the router what payload to return if matched
router.add("get", "/users", :index)

# This will return :index
router.match("get", "/users").payload # :index

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Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def add(method : String, path : String, payload : T) #

def match(method : String, path_to_match : String) : Match(T)? #

def match!(method : String, path_to_match : String) : Match(T) #

def normalized_paths #

def root #

starting point from which all fragments are located