class Lucky::ForceSSLHandler


Enabled - The handler can be enabled/disabled. This is helpful for working in a local development environment.

Strict-Transport-Security - Settings to configure the 'Strict-Transport-Security' header

# Usually in config/
Lucky::ForceSSLHandler.configure do |settings|
  settings.redirect_status = 303
  settings.enabled = false
  settings.strict_transport_security = {max_age: 1.year, include_subdomains: true}

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Constant Summary

HABITAT_SETTINGS = [{decl: redirect_status : Int32 = HTTP::Status::PERMANENT_REDIRECT.value, example: nil, validation: nil}, {decl: enabled : Bool, example: nil, validation: nil}, {decl: strict_transport_security : NamedTuple(max_age: Time::Span | Time::MonthSpan, include_subdomains: Bool) | ::Nil, example: nil, validation: nil}] of Nil

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blank? : Bool blank?, present? : Bool present?

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def self.configure(&) #

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def self.settings #

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def call(context) #

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def settings #

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