class Lucky::LogHandler

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HABITAT_SETTINGS = [{decl: skip_if : Proc(HTTP::Server::Context, Bool) | ::Nil, example: nil, validation: nil}] of Nil
REQUEST_END_KEYS = {status: "status", duration: "duration", request_id: "request_id"}
REQUEST_START_KEYS = {method: "method", path: "path", request_id: "request_id"}

These constants are used here and in the PrettyLogFormatter to make sure that the formatter looks for the right keys!

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blank? : Bool blank?, present? : Bool present?

Class Method Detail

def self.configure(&) #

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def self.settings #

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Instance Method Detail

def call(context) #

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def logger(*args, **options) #

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def logger(*args, **options, &) #

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def settings #

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