class Lucky::TextResponse


Writes the content_type, status, and body to the context for text responses.

There are two settings in Lucky::Server.settings that determine if the text response is gzip encoded; Lucky::Server.settings.gzip_enabled and Lucky::Server.settings.gzip_content_types. These settings can be adjusted in your Lucky app under config/

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Constant Summary



Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Lucky::Response

print print, status : Int status

Instance methods inherited from class Object

blank? : Bool blank?, present? : Bool present?

Constructor Detail

def : HTTP::Server::Context, content_type : String, body : String | IO, status : Int32 | Nil = nil, debug_message : String | Nil = nil, enable_cookies : Bool = true) #

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Instance Method Detail

def body : IO | String #

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def content_type : String #

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def context : HTTP::Server::Context #

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def debug_message : String? #

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def enable_cookies : Bool #

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def print : Nil #

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def status : Int #

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